Ruckus Partnership

WIN Wireless are excited to announce our new partnership with Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus offer unique patented technologies to create a stand out, unmatched performance solution within the WiFi market. Simply reliable and smart, and always over achieving, Ruckus have created a niche within the WiFi market with it’s unique and successful approach to implementing WiFi solutions. This is why we here at WIN Wireless have aligner ourselves as a Ruckus partner because with our 20 + Year’s of experience within the wireless industry we are overwhelmed with the success of implemented Ruckus solutions. From enterprise office space, to warehouse environments Ruckus wireless will deliver the wireless coverage and performance you deserve, and will out do all of your expectations.

We have had recent success with Ruckus’ new branch of product line; Ruckus Unleashed. Ruckus unleashed come’s in at a very competitive price point, with all of the key WiFi performance features on the standard Access Point systems minus a few of the nitty gritty comprehensive settings. Ideal for Schools, or for when your IT department is stretched The unleashed product design can have your WIFI network up and running within 60 seconds of basic configuration. With a sleek and user friend GUI controller interface, the Ruckus unleashed line is the simple, cost effective and reliable WiFi network the industry has required.



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