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WIN is a specialist provider of professional, high speed wireless networking solutions

With over twenty years experience in wireless provision, WIN prides itself in understanding customer needs, translating them into cost effective solutions and delivering the highest level of service to its customers.

We deliver high speed wireless networking solutions to provide local and wide area connectivity to central data, Internet services and wireless metropolitan networks.

Working closely with leading wireless network equipment manufacturers, WIN assesses and analyses new equipment on the market and selects only those products and manufacturers that can help us meet our customers exacting standards of functionality and reliability. This way, we can be sure to deliver innovative, professional wireless solutions based on the best products and service available.

As a wireless network specialist, our aim is to work closely with our customers to fulfil their networking needs using our wealth of technical expertise to design, install, commission and maintain cost effective and highly functional wireless networks.

Working with customers in healthcare, local government, enterprise, education and SME’s we devise innovative wireless solutions for voice, video and data. Each WIN solution reflects our commitment to quality, performance and cost effectiveness.

By choosing to work with WIN, you will have access to over twelve years of practical experience in designing and delivering professional wireless network infrastructures. You can be assured that your organisation will benefit from a well designed wireless solution, using advanced wireless technology from major manufacturers and integrated into an innovative offering that exactly fits your technical and budgetary requirements.

Contact us today or alternatively find out more about the services we offer or the different types of technology we use. You can also read more about how we have helped other businesses improve their network connectivity by reading our case studies page.


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  • Rapid Deployment

    The rapid deployment of a well designed network will reap many benefits for the users in any dynamic organisation. Adding flexibility to high speed connection in your office
  • Fast Services

    Wireless services can now deliver 1Gbps to multiple users across your entire workplace. High speed enables faster delivery of information and services to your customers and staff.
  • High Security

    Current wireless technology uses the highest standards of encrypted Network Security available to protect your clients, users, staff and IT department

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