The term Point to Multi-Point refers to the need to extend a network from one location to several remote locations creating a multi-site Network.

Point-to-multi-point connectivity can be achieved by using a number of point-to-point links, fanning out from one central location. However it is normal to use specialist Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) equipment especially designed for the purpose in which one or more ‘base stations’ are deployed in a manor very similar to that used by mobile phone operators.   These Base Stations can service multiple, or many client premises, or even roaming users.


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Key benefits to a wireless Point to Multi-Point solution –

  • High availability
  • rapid deployment
  • Cost effective
  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • Encryption security
  • Upto 10Gbps full duplex throughput

Technologies used in our wireless Multi-Point solutions include:


  • Ideal for higher data rate applications and where there is no clear line of sight between the base station and subscribers.
  • Used as the back-bone connection to multiple wireless ‘Hot-spots’ around the town or area
  • Used to deliver community-wide broadband in urban and rural areas where a Point of Presence is then extended to a number of subscribers – typically businesses around the town or area.
  • Antennas are usually sector type, typically 60 to120 degree beam width
  • Can deliver both IP Ethernet data and E1 voice

For more details on the technology used in our point to muti-point networking solutions please call or contact us

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  • Rapid Deployment

    The rapid deployment of a well designed network will reap many benefits for the users in any dynamic organisation. Adding flexibility to high speed connection in your office
  • Fast Services

    Wireless services can now deliver 1Gbps to multiple users across your entire workplace. High speed enables faster delivery of information and services to your customers and staff.
  • High Security

    Current wireless technology uses the highest standards of encrypted Network Security available to protect your clients, users, staff and IT department

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