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Key benefits to a wireless point to point Microwave solution –

  • High availability
  • rapid deployment
  • Cost effective
  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • Encryption security
  • Upto 10Gbps full duplex throughput

A licensed microwave radio connection from WIN is used for primary backbone links between locations where high availability of the connection is required.

Data rates are available from low to high speed with a range of interfaces.

Microwave.  7 – 80GHz

  • Microwave radios converge high-speed data, voice and video traffic across the link. They are low cost, high performance systems with ATM capabilities
  • Licensed frequencies only – ensures no radio interference on the link and so delivers a high-quality service. An annual license is granted by the radio agency (OFCOM in the UK) to the user of the equipment
  • Distances for a single link can be up to 50Km; However as this link requires clear line of sight, 20-30Kms are typical link distances
  • With the advent of 80GHz radio system availability in the UK. Data rates up to 2.5Gb are achievable

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  • Rapid Deployment

    The rapid deployment of a well designed network will reap many benefits for the users in any dynamic organisation. Adding flexibility to high speed connection in your office
  • Fast Services

    Wireless services can now deliver 1Gbps to multiple users across your entire workplace. High speed enables faster delivery of information and services to your customers and staff.
  • High Security

    Current wireless technology uses the highest standards of encrypted Network Security available to protect your clients, users, staff and IT department

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